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Meet the new 911

911+™ is the next step in evolution for communication with emergency services in the United States and Canada.

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10,000+ active subscribers, 1,200+ processed calls, Many different ways to integrate. Small monthly charge for personal and commercial use.


About 911+™

Integrated with PunchAlert

911+™ is directly integrated with the PunchAlert platform and apps. It can be utilized by individuals or organizations.

Available on OBi devices

Offered directly through obitalk.com for integration with OBi ATA devices and can be used in conjuction with Google® Voice.

Other ATA devices

DIY'er? Sign up here to add Emergency Services to a different ATA device.

Available to developers

We offer a set of API's to embed 911 connectivity for IoT developers and makers through 911+™ Connect.

How it works

Key Features

Instant Share

As the call is being initiated, the full name, callback number and coordinates of the device are sent to 911.

Emergency Contacts

Notify up to 7 emergency contacts anytime you report an emergency.

Dual Reporting

In a Punch Protected Area? Notify nearby responders while you're calling 911.

Location Accuracy

911+ uses the device coordinates for location information and is no longer solely reliant on cell tower triangulation.

911+ Instant Share
Intelligent Routing

When calling 911 the call does not always get routed to the correct call center. Now it does, with 911+™.


With 911+™ Connect, developers can partner with Punch Technologies and extend the 911+™ service to just about anything.

Easy installation

Signing up is a breeze, either in the PunchAlert app or from an Obihai device, 3 minutes and you'll be up and running.


911+™ supports and routes to 100% of all 911 call centers throughout the United States and Canada, with enhanced reporting to 98.6% of all 911 call centers.

...and even more

Frequent updates

911+™ becomes better every month. We love the service and enhance it as much as possible.

Active community

Our community grows day by day. Visit PunchAlert.com and check how it is to be a part of our family.


Designed from the ground up to be used in a mobile world.

Technical support

We care about reliability and user expereince. If you have any questions - do not hesitate to contact us.